Corporate Culture

At Aurora Energy Investments we are inspired by timeless values such as integrity, diligence, commitment to excellence, courage, team playing, openness to the new and respect for diversity.  Furthermore, we believe that plurality – diversity in action – is strategic to Aurora’s long term success. We celebrate differences in gender, sexual orientation, race, age, religion, background experiences, effectively working together to make our team smarter, more adaptive and connected with a world of opportunities waiting to be seized. We are committed to creating and maintaining an exciting working environment where our people can pursue their passion, lifelong learning, explore unconventional thinking, are free to challenge old assumptions and propose new ways, without discrimination of any nature. We believe that way our people can thrive in co-creating successful solutions and value together with our Clients and Partners in this ever faster changing World. At Aurora we firmly believe that each interaction with our Clients and Partners is a moment of truth. Hence, operational excellence is at the heart of what we do. Therefore, diligence, strong sense of ownership and discipline to fully deliver on our commitments are paramount, both at individual level as well as a team. Aurora pursues sustainable long-term relationships with our Clients and Partners, while open to impromptu collaborations with new as long as it is in line with Aurora’s strategic direction.  Finally, Aurora encourages the participation of its managers in the corporate capital as a means of fostering entrepreneurial mind-set and building on a sense of ownership, both at the core of Aurora’s DNA.