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Are you under pressure to achieve clean energy sourcing targets and deadlines?

We provide energy solutions through large scale B2B solar photovoltaic or hybrid systems projects. Aurora strives to achieving Clients' goals on-time and on-budget thanks to its superior technical solutions and international orchestration that delivers, modular, upgradable, insurable and re-financeable systems.

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Are you under pressure to boost your operating margin and generate more savings?

We help you boost your overall operating margin by up to 2% by moving most of energy expenses out of your OPEX while building assets that will generate cashflows to you business for decades to come. Instead of using your own CAPEX we structure for you flexible financing solutions such as loan, leasing, PPAs as well as by giving you access to external equity providers.

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Does your company rely on an international manufacturing footprint?

It is easy to get lost in an ocean of different energy solutions options, by taking advice of biased equipment manufacturers and local service providers. We are your  international one-stop shop for energy solutions. Our international orchestration takes top quality Swiss-engineered systems wherever you need them.

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Aurora's added value


Aurora Energy Investments takes care of Clients' needs throughout the energy project lifecycle, financing and project management inclusive. Aurora strives for Swiss-engineered quality systems by employing some of the most advanced design and simulation software, in combination with top quality components sourced from international reliable OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and sterling execution to ensure operational excellence where others fail.

You are under pressure to achieve clean energy sourcing targets and deadlines

Large scale B2B solar photovoltaic or hybrid systems projects

Businesses are currently under pressure to achieve clean energy sourcing targets to run their operations. The challenge is that the breakneck speed in which technology and costs have improved in recent years, finds decision makers often struggling to make sense of new possibilities as well as to formulate a winning sourcing strategy to take advantage of these very new asset classes. 

Aurora not only helps you to make sense of it, but also strives to be your partner of choice that helps you achieve your goals on-time and on-budget. For that matter, Aurora orchestrates the execution of hybrid, modular, upgradable, insurable and re-financeable solar photovoltaic systems internationally. Furthermore, Aurora ensures regulatory aspects are taken care of, either via own personnel or qualified network of partners.  Finally, Aurora acts as a financing facilitator, collaborating with Clients and blue chip banking partners to structure best suited solutions such as loans, PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements) and interim/bridge financing.

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Project Development / EPC

  Particularly focused, but not limited, on consumer goods manufacturers and chemicals sectors, Aurora provides Swiss quality EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) and project management internationally.

Hybrid Systems

Aurora's engineers are specialised in design, simulation, execution of hybrid systems, such as solar photovoltaic + biomass electricity generation + storage, as well as striving to integrate them seamlessly with Clients' any pre-existing systems if needed.

Energy Efficiency

Aurora offers Clients 360˚solutions through cooperation with a selective network of international partners that have in common the pursuit of top quality solutions that help you achieve your energy efficiency ambitions.

You are under pressure to boost your operating margins and savings

Flexible financing solutions

Volatility, growing risks of disruption or hostile take overs by PE’s have recently increased pressure for more savings. Investments in clean energy infrastructure hence tend to be hampered by shorter term pressing issues that may also tighten CAPEX availability. For instance, look at consumer goods industry, where some players have been urged by activist investors to boost gross operating margins by >5% in next 3 years.

Some key players are also the same ones that have publicly committed themselves to the ambitious goal of achieving 100% clean energy sourcing by 2030 or even earlier, for instance by 2025. These apparently paradoxical targets pose enormous challenges to those businesses. Aurora Energy Investments helps Clients achieve both targets by working closely with providers of finance to structure loans that avoid the use of CAPEX altogether on the energy systems that will improve operating margin by reducing OPEX, while taking Clients closer to the 100% clean energy goal. 

Moreover, Aurora helps Clients promote a strategic shift in the traditional paradigm of energy sourcing, namely by moving it from electricity expenses (OPEX) into an asset that generate stable cashflows to the business for decades to come.  Aurora acts as a financing facilitator, collaborating with Clients and blue chip banking partners to structure the best suited solutions such as loans, PPAs and interim/bridge financing. Aurora also strives to connecting Clients with external investors, providers of equity.

Finally, Aurora is also open to commit its own capital on specific projects by co-financing them alongside provides of debt or equity or co-owning them with Clients.

Services you might be interested in

Loan Structuring

Aurora supports Clients in structuring the loans with banking partners in order to achieve the best financial terms and conditions.

Income Statement / Balance-Sheet Optimization

Aurora, in collaboration with banking partners, helps Clients to optimise accounting through financing solutions that soften the impact of energy investments on their income statements or balance sheets.

PPA and Leasing

Aurora uses its experience to help Clients structure most convenient PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements) or leasing contracts either with third parties or institutional investors.

Your Company relies on an international manufacturing footprint

International one-stop shop

Clean energy solutions markets tend to be fragmented, localised, comprised of a multitude of OEMs, consultants and different standards. As a consequence, international Clients often find themselves dealing with that complexity, by managing various local projects and partners. That can lead to higher risks, costs, lost sight of bigger picture.

Aurora offers you peace of mind as single point of contact and platform that internationally orchestrates large scale B2B solar photovoltaic projects or hybrid systems, taking into account equipment standardisation, convenient financial terms and conditions, careful local execution. That saves Clients precious time and resources while smoothening the transition toward renewable energy.

Services you might be interested in

International Orchestration

Aurora acts as an international facilitator and orchestrator for Clients, handling the complexity, relationships with all installers, OEMs and other third parties involved on the execution of projects around the world.

International Project Management

Thanks to the experience of its team, Aurora leads the installations on behalf of Clients, providing this way reliable and hassle-free turnkey solutions.

One-Stop Shop for Energy Solutions

Aurora’s team is fully commitment to the highest levels of reliability, quality and best financial terms and conditions for Clients around the world. That commitment minimises risks and makes energy investments as much as possible predictable and transparent.

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