Aurora as a Boutique Energy Investments Firm

Aurora Energy Investments explores opportunities in the commodity markets by both investing its own capital and/or providing consultancy services to Clients or investors in the fields of trading, private equity and industrial planning. Aurora is open to consider potential collaboration and new partnerships.

Fields of Activity

Private Equity

Aurora Energy Investments is active in Private Equity committing its own capital, always leveraging on the expertise of its own management and partners. Aurora chiefly targets Commodity and Energy SMEs based in Europe and emerging markets for acquisition.

Co-Investments and JV

Aurora Energy Investments is always eager to evaluate partnerships and co-investments in the energy sector. For investment proposals please contact our management team.

Seed Financing

Aurora Energy Investments believes in the power of new disruptive ideas. For this very reason it is always interested in exploring seed financing opportunities especially connected to new technologies in the energy sector.

Business Sponsorship

Aurora Energy Investments promotes the match between third party investors, entrepreneurs and energy project proposers acting as a platform that facilitates that connection.

Proprietary Energy Trading

Aurora Energy Investments is also active in financial energy proprietary trading on European markets with a particular focus on short-term trading.

To propose an investment or another opportunity

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