Our Vision

 We improve quality of life and planet by working together with Partners and Clients to accelerate World's transition toward clean energies that generate cash flows and wealth, with extra effort to deploy scalable, distributed solar photovoltaic (PV) systems in sunbelt countries, where abundant solar resources coexist with high energy costs and poverty.
Established in 2017, Aurora Energy Investments leverages on decades of combined technical expertise and experience of its engineers, financial experts, external partners and managerial team dedicated to two main activities: 

  • International B2B Energy Projects Developer: chiefly distributed solar photovoltaic, hybrid systems and energy storage. Aurora help Clients meet their clean energy sourcing targets by structuring the most convenient financing solutions to meet own capital expenditure constraints or even making no use of it altogether;

  • SME (small and medium enterprises) finance and private equity: Aurora acts as a general partner committing its own capital and managerial team to help small to medium size energy and services enterprises succeed in a wide spectrum of energy projects, without compromising on Aurora’s commitment to a brighter clean future.